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Re: FooBillards for Debian?

stan said:
> I saw a link for a neat game called FooBillards on LinuxToday. I graabed
> the tarball and tried to compile it on my Woody machine without much luck.
> Ca anyone point meto a .deb, or sugest how to get this to cimpile on
> Debian?

looks like an interesting game. I put a compiled version here, compiled
on woody:

if you trust me, and want to try it, extract it somewhere, I built
it with --prefix=/usr/local/foobillard (didn't use any other options).

no deb ..but to compile it I had to install mesag-dev and libxaw7-dev,
I already had a ton of other devel libraries installed so I'm not sure
what else it depended on since I already had it. it had quite a few
warnings when compiling but it did build, and run, on my laptop only
about 1fps(software 3D), but it ran ..

looks interesting, I will try it out on my nvidia system today and see
how it runs..


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