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some problems with evolution and gnome2


	I have recently updated my gnome installation to gnome2 and since then
I have some problems with evolution (problems that I haven't got when I
used gnome 1.4)

	First, I have configured gnome and evolution to be able to use the euro
symbol in my messages (text messages). I did it configuring gnome to use
a text font with the euro symbol (ISO-8859-15). Now, gnome2 hasn't got a
control panel and it lost this configuration, so I can't use that symbol
(in text messages, in html messages I can, because it uses another font)

	Another problem I have is that evolution doesn't lauch mozilla when I
click in a http url, but it did it when I use gnome. In gnome2
configuration I have that the html viewer is mozilla (I think evolution
tries to discover the html viewer from gnome (1) configuration, that I
don't have)

	I have try to update evolution to one more recent version, but I have
the same problems.

	Any idea?

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