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Re: Getting this error :(library qt-mt) not found

This one time, at band camp, suresh kumar sharma said:
> Hi, I was trying to compile kacpi for my system but I keep getting
> this error .  "checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0.3)
> (library qt-mt) not found. Please check your installation!"
> I have installed libqt-mt-dev and libqt-dev even libqt3-dev .
> but it still gives the same error .

This is the ./configure script trying to compile a sample program using
these headers and failing.  The configure script only sees success or
failure, and not why the failure happened, so it's quite possible to get
these errors even when you have the correct libs installed.

Some things to check - the compiler you are using should be roughly the
same version as the one the C++ libs you're using were compiled with.
For Debian x86, this is 2.95, so don't try compiling C++ apps with 3.x,
unless you want to recompile all the Qt and KDE libs against 3.x first.
Make sure you are passing the right Qt path to ./configure
(/usr/lib/qt).  Also (obviously), double check that libqt-mt-dev is in
fact >= 3.0.3 - it's not for Woody.

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