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Large Fonts on Forms and Comic many other places

I'm running testing/unstable.

I spent a few hours yesterday and a few today settting up fonts
(msttcorefonts, Xft, Anti-Aliasing).  Frankly, I'm not sure I understand
fonts in X much more than I did a few days ago.  But I'm trying to

I'm trying to understand what's causing the big fonts in forms that are
displayed in Opera.  Here's a screen shot on my slow server:


Notice the big fonts in the drop down box?  Otherwise the fonts don't
look too bad.  

I'm just not clear how to track down what that large font is, and how to
change it.  I don't see any settings in the opera config file that would
deal with that.



is using Anti-Aliased fonts (using the XftConfig.example from the debian
anti-aliasing-howto package).  I'm not sure I like those fonts as well. 
Pehaps I need to upgrad my libXft library to 2.0 from 1.1.

The other thing I can't seem to locate is why my x* applications (e.g.
xfontsel, xcutsel, xvidtune..) have all decided to use the
Comic_Sans_MS_Bold.ttf font.  I don't have an .Xdefaults file.  Where
should I look?

Is there a way to monitor what font an application is requesting, and
then what font X is using?


Bill Moseley

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