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Re: urgent - system slow after spamassassin

    "Sandip" == Sandip P Deshmukh <Sandip> writes:

    Sandip> now i realize that this has hardly made any
    Sandip> difference. for instance, messages from
    Sandip> debian-user@lists.debian.org appear to be coming from the
    Sandip> sender.

The Debian list servers run spamassassin for you. You can configure
things so that spamassassin is run only on messages not from a Debian
list. That might reduce your load significantly.

In my .procmailrc I first look for X-Spam-Status first, then I filter
all the debian list messages off, and only after all that I run
spamassassin. Which means that less than 1% of may mail actually runs
via spamassassin locally.

Of course, the Debian servers seem to run the stable version of
spamassassin and so you might get better results running it yourself
(today the Debian 3.0 r1 announcment went into my spam folder :-)

But if it is speed you are looking for.....


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