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urgent - system slow after spamassassin

hello all

after installing spamassassin, my system has become terribly slow! i
thought that it must be becasue spamd is trying to scan all messages. so
i modified ~/.spamassassin/user-prefs. here is how it looks:

whitelist_from debian*
whitelist_from mutt*
whitelist_from vim*

now i realize that this has hardly made any difference. for instance,
messages from debian-user@lists.debian.org appear to be coming from the

what is more, off and on, a message props up saying

kmod - runaway modprobe loop assumed and stopped

what is that?

when my system was crawling, i tried top and it showed several exim
processes - some of them defunct!

how do i restore sanity with spamassassin on? for writing this e-mail, i
have turned it off

sandip p deshmukh
I can't drive 55.

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