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Re: continuing email problems

Starting with the first error message (from your other message) :

      SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO:<techbrl@chpi.org>:
      host smtp.mailtag.com []: 554 Undeliverable TO address:

Ok, so exim on your system tried talking to smtp.mailtag.com
(  Trying that I get this :

    $ telnet smtp
    220 mailtag.com, Wildcat! ESMTP Server v5.6.450.3 ready
    helo foo
    250 mailtag.com
    mail from:<>
    250 <>... Sender ok.
    rcpt to:<techbrl@chpi.org>
    554 Undeliverable TO address: <techbrl@chpi.org>

The problem appears that the other system not accepting the
recipient's address.  Looking at the list of MX records for chpi.org I
see that that machine isn't supposed to be receiving mail for that

On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 08:26:36AM -0600, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
| Having checked my exim logs on both my desktop (cable connection charter)
| and laptop (ppp mailtag) computers, I find two different errors.
| On the cable machine, I find in the logs when the receiving host tries to
| take the email from charter: "relay prohibitted. You must authenticate
| first." The email remains in my queue and is retried.

The solution to this is to authenticate :-). 

I'm going to take a guess that smtp.mailtag.com is the server your ISP
provides for you to send mail out and you are trying to use it as a
"smarthost".  That's great, you just need to configure your side to
authenticate so that the server will accept recipients in different
domains.  Look at the last section of your exim.conf file.  It should
have a section (commented out) that looks like this :
       driver = cram_md5
       public_name = CRAM-MD5
       client_name = username
       client_secret = password
Uncomment it and change "username" and "password" to the username and
password your ISP gave you.

| I think incoming mail is ok, but am not sure about that.

It probably is.  (particularly if you are using fetchmail to pull it
and have exim deliver locally)

| Also noticed that my ip address has changed radically sometime in the last
| few days on my cable connection; this could have something to do with
| things I suppose as I had the same ip address for a long time.

It could have an effect.  If your ISP was using IP-based checks to
determine whether or not you could relay, and then your IP changed,
then maybe it fails those tests now.


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