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continuing email problems

Having checked my exim logs on both my desktop (cable connection charter)
and laptop (ppp mailtag) computers, I find two different errors.
On the cable machine, I find in the logs when the receiving host tries to
take the email from charter: "relay prohibitted. You must authenticate
first." The email remains in my queue and is retried.
On the machine using ppp, some emails go to their destinations, but for
some hosts the mail is returned to me saying it is undeliverable and that
this is a fatal permanent error.
I appear to be able to get through to debian-user with my mailtag account
on my laptop, but at this point I am using my shellworld shell account
(knew there were good reasons to keep that).
Any HELP would be appreciated.
I think incoming mail is ok, but am not sure about that.
Also noticed that my ip address has changed radically sometime in the last
few days on my cable connection; this could have something to do with
things I suppose as I had the same ip address for a long time.


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