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Re: AucTeX / Emacs syntax highlighting problem

Jörg Johannes <liste_joerg@gmx.de> writes:
> I have a file called header.tex in my home directory which I use for
> every LaTeX document. When I try to do
> \input{$HOME/header}
> at the very beginning of my document, emacs colors everything in
> math-mode-colour because of the "$"-sign.

(Does TeX even support that?  *tries*  Weird...)  Depending on what's
in the header.tex file, you might consider creating a LaTeX .sty file
and using \usepackage{header} instead of \input.  But you'll need to
do extra magic if header.tex inserts text at the start of the document.

> I do not want to use the absolute path, because I use the same
> tex-files on my home box ($HOME == /home/jorg) and on an IRIX box at
> university ($HOME == /usr/people/jorg).

TeX searches the current directory by default.  It also searches every
directory in the TEXINPUTS environment variable, so you might put


in your .bashrc or equivalent.  (And it's important that you do it
this way, even if $TEXINPUTS starts empty, since TeX takes an empty
entry as "the default value".)

> Can I tell emacs to ignore the "$" sign in \input{} context? (is
> this a bug?). To work around this, I \input another file called
> $HOME/newcommands, so the math mode stops there... but this is not
> very beautiful.

I run into this problem more often with inline verbatim text.  One
might format \verb|$foo =~ s/bar/baz/g;|%$
but then Emacs will get confused seeing the $.  Putting %$ at the end
of the line is a comment to TeX, but also gets Emacs back in sync.  So
for your case,


should get around your formatting problems.

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	-- Abra Mitchell

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