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Re: change terminal type while using 'screen'

Sandip P Deshmukh <deshmukh@escortsmumbai.com> [2002-12-16 19:07:42 +0530]:
> i recently started using screen. i find it useful.

I like it quite a bit too.

> without screen running, when i do echo $TERM, it shows linuc. however,
> on starting screen, if i do echo $TERM, it shows screen.
> is there a way by which i can force screen to make terminal appear to be
> linux? this will solve several of my colour related problems.

Yes, a confusing thing that the newer version does but the older
version did not do.  I wish it went back to the older configuration.
It makes logging into other systems which don't have screen installed
a problem.

You have two options.  You can start up screen with -T $TERM.

  screen -T $TERM

You can set 'term' to your prefered terminal type in your ~/.screenrc
file.  There is no best answer.  You may prefer ansi, vt100, xterm, or
another type of terminal.

  echo 'term ansi' >> ~/.screenrc


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