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Re: install program cannot detect swap partition

on Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 06:17:54AM -0000, Adam Kao (debian-user@ideogram.com) wrote:
> I have just downloaded the boot floppies and am trying to install
> Debian.  When I get to the Partition step and create a swap partition
> the install program cannot find it.  I have used the toplevel boot
> floppies, the bf2.4 boot floppies, I have created the swap partition
> on the SCSI drive and the IDE drive, I have rebooted, I checked
> the type is 82 Linux Swap.  Can anyone help?

Shell out by switching to the 2nd virtual console (<alt>F2).

Initialize swap manually:  

    # mkswap /dev/<partition>
Run a few 'sync's (probably not essential, but won't hurt):

    # sync; sync; sync

Add swap manually:

    # swapon /dev/<partition>

If that does work, make sure that you've got a swap line in your
/etc/fstab after you've got your new system online.  Note that you don't
_need_ swap to boot and run, but it tends to make things better in the
long run.  You can go through your install and deal with this later, in
other words.

If that doesn't work, copy the output of the following and paste it in
your next mail:

    # fdisk -l /dev/<device>

<partition> will be, eg:  hda2, sda3, for the second partition of your
first IDE drive, or 3rd partition of your first SCSI drive.

<device> will be, eg:  hda for an IDE drive, sda for a SCSI drive.


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