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Re: mailto followup headers (was: Re: Content Management System sought)

* Stephen Gran (steve@lobefin.net) [021214 13:13]:
> to the original, are you replying with 'L'?  I think that's how mutt
> knows that it should insert that header.

Nope, mutt uses M-F-T even when composing a message addressed to a known
mailing list (either via the "lists" ir "subscribe" .muttrc statements).
That is to say that replying to a message with 'L' is not necessary for
M-F-T to be inserted; it gets inserted all the time when composing a
message with 'm'.

The list-reply function is used to generate a reply to the mailing list,
honoring the author's M-F-T header if it is found and honor_followup_to
is set (which it is by default, and I can't imagine why anyone would
disable it -- it would be pretty rude).  This differs from group-reply
only in that it ensures that a reply is sent to the list, even when
M-F-T doesn't include the list address.  (It also sends to all
recipients specified in M-F-T; it just includes the list as well if it
was omitted.)

good times,
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."  --Benjamin Franklin

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