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Re: Exchange Calendar client?

Andy <list@firman.us> wrote:

> I have several clients ready to upgrade their old
> Netware and NT environments.  I can't find something
> that would work similar to the Groupwise or Exchange calendar's. 
> Someone mentioned that the new Mozilla calendar is a candidate.
> I know Suse has some sort of groupware suite but I think it costs alot.
> This is the ONE thing that is preventing my clients from migrating to Linux.
> Is there anything out there being developed that is somewhat similar in 
> functionality to Groupwise/Exchange type group calendar/scheduling???

1. It is important to be precise in this case. Always ask
   for an Exchange/Outlook replacement - not only for an
   Exchange replacement.
   It's the combination of Exchange and Outlook, which
   creates the "user experience" we have to find a
   substitute for - that's because Outlook is the only
   Exchange client, which allows to use Exchanges full
   function set.

2. Outlook uses proprietary MAPI (RPC) functions to access
   Exchange - no standard protocols. Thus it will not be
   possible to imitate Outlooks/Exchanges functions
   without proprietary software (all serious alternatives
   for Exchange or Outlook make use of a MAPI-provider
   piece of software).
There are serveral alternatives which cost money (Samsung
Contact, Oracle Collaboration Suite) and one for free
(BILL workgroup server), which allow you to use either the
full Outlook function set or a subset thereof.

The other alternatives aim to replace both Outlook and
Exchange. They try to rely on standard protocols for their
functions (IMAP, ical, WebDav, etc.). 

My problem is - I have no idea, what the functions of
Exchange/Outlook are in respect of calendaring. I cannot
see, what functions there could be, which are not
provided by evolution, korganizer, etc.

There is no safe distance.

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