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Re: Exchange Calendar client?

Been there, works great for me but not my wife and 2 kids.

He's not all that bad.  So far this is the only thing he's stuck into
and he's not forcing windows down everyone's throat, just the callendar.
If I can get a linux based functionality we're golden.  He's also done
some pretty good things for the company itself.  Definitely better at
doing his job and letting me do mine than MANY CxO's I've met and worked

Thus spake Ludwig (ludwig@superdeluxe.com):

> On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 08:49, Robert L. Harris wrote:
> >   Did it.  It was as effective as throwing a roll of bounty paper towels
> > in the ocean.  Remember, he's the CEO, I'm a tech peon, he knows all, I
> > don't.
> Well no wonder he's earning all that money!  
> As long as he's going to be doing other people's jobs by spec'ing
> specific tech solutions, he might as well implement them himself too.  
> Come join us unemployed folks -- we get to stay out all night!
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