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Re: Exchange Calendar client?

> He's not all that bad.  So far this is the only thing he's stuck into
> and he's not forcing windows down everyone's throat, just the calendar.
> If I can get a linux based functionality we're golden.  

You know....from my humble experience in the IT world....the ONE thing
that would really help Linux get in with small to medium sized business
is a nice group calendar.  This would be HUGE.  I have several clients
ready to upgrade their old Netware and NT environments.  I can't find 
something that would work similar to the Groupwise or Exchange calendar's.

Someone mentioned that the new Mozilla calendar is a candidate.
I know Suse has some sort of groupware suite but I think it costs alot.

This is the ONE thing that is preventing my clients from migrating to Linux.

Is there anything out there being developed that is somewhat similar in 
functionality to Groupwise/Exchange type group calendar/scheduling???


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