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Courier-IMAP folder layout

I've decided to give courier a shot at replacing uw-imap since it's
gotten really slow lately. I've got it set up on a testing machine, but
I'm having a problem with getting a proper folder hierarchy set up.
Using uw-imap, I can create as many root folders as I want. That way,
when I open up my folder view in Evolution I can see:

- username@servername
  |-- INBOX
  |-- Trash
  --- Work
    |-- Memos
    |-- Personal
    |-- Professional

However, on the courier-imap server, I have the following:

- username@servername
  --- INBOX
    |-- Inbox
    |-- Trash

That is, all of my folders are being created within the INBOX
(~/Maildir) folder. I understand that this is a feature of the maildir
format as well as how to do hierarchical folders within the Maildir
folder. But what I need is a way to "hide" INBOX (since it's not really
an inbox at all) and ONLY show Inbox and Trash like I can with the
uw-imap server. Either that or a way to have multiple maildir's called
different things within my home directory so that I can have folders
other than just INBOX shown as the default. Any suggestions? TIA.



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