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Re: OT: functional languages (was: Politics of Java)

Pete Harlan wrote:

> Lisp and Scheme are not functional languages.  A functional languge is
> one that doesn't support mutating data; Lisp and Scheme very much do.

I certainly agree about Lisp. With Scheme, it's a bit trickier,
especially since the history is that Scheme was first invented to be a
Lisp-like language for "programming with functions" using recursion,
first-class functions, dynamic scoping, and continuations -- essentially
Lisp with the most non-FP features thrown out, plus dynamic scoping and
continuations, which were not features of Lisp, and are very common in
modern functional languages. By today's standards, Scheme is certainly
not a "pure" functional language, but whether it is an "impure" one, or
not one at all, is not so easy to say. Opinions vary.


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