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Re: Need help designing backup/server system

hi ya mike/dennis

collection of some backup scripts 

-- and yes... backups should be done after everybody goes
  home ...
	and do backups in the middle of the day for the
	past 4 hrs so the morning work is not lost

-- backups media is a whole other backup-wars
	( tape, disks, cdr, etc... 
	( your budget and data-size will dictate which you need

-- if you are backing up windoze boxes ...
	- you just need to backup their "My Documents" folder ??
	( all other info is already backed up on the original
	( windoze cdrom 

	- you can also put a "linux based home dir" on the 
	desktop of each windoze boxes, and only those files
	are backed  

	- or mount the windzoe boxes to a linux box and backup
	the windoze into linux... and umount it again  before
	they reboot their PC

-- Create a backup policy and tell people that only certain
   directories is backed up ...
	dont backup things like /usr/local
	that is cloned in many forms on each PC

	( linux kernels, acroread, realaudio, mpeg players, mozilla, etc
	( windoze antivirus apps, etc
	( are all downloades gazillion times

	have a central download server that everybody
	downloads their apps into  and clone that download server

- when making backups
	- always do weekly full backup ( data only )

	- always do daily incremental backups since the last time a full
	backup was done  and keep DIFFERENT daily files
		mon, tue, wed, ... if you only care about 7-days of
		incremental backups

	- always do incremental backup across 2 or 3 full backups
	( say last 90 days )

	- assume that a full backup failed, due to disks full or 
	bad tape... can you still recover ???

	- assume server has been cracked, can you go backward
	to find a backup that pre-dates the [cr/h]acker's snooing in your

	- do you want a gui for users to be able to search the backups
	for their files they erased ...
		- once they find it, they can tell the admin to restore
		fro tuesday's backup

=== all of the above is just one script run from cron

c ya

On Fri, 13 Dec 2002, Mike Egglestone wrote:

> Hi,
> You may want to look at using samba or smbfs.
> I sometimes use an smbmount command to mount a win98 share
> to my debian box. Then I can create tar files or rysnc the data
> to somewhere else. You can write a quick cron job that will do this
> auotmagically. 
> hth,
> Mike
> > Thanks for that, but I need something more immediate. It has
> > been my experience that no mater how often you perform
> > backups, the most important files were created just
> > after the last one finished!
> > 
> > So, if nobody has any other comments I'll just hack around
> > until I get something that works!
> > 

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