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Re: mozilla 1.2 and debian

Jon wrote:
Hi Andy.

On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 14:17, Andy wrote:

Kind of a newbie question here.
I really want to try Mozilla Calendar but I need Mozilla 1.2 first.
My apt-get tells me that my Mozilla 1.0.0 is already the newest
version.  4 questions please:

The version of Mozilla in stable and testing is 1.0.0, but in unstable
(sid) it's 1.2.1. You should get the package from there if you want to
try it out. See here (section 3.8) for details on how to get a package
from a different release (it's easy!):


Actually, that may not be the best idea as the version in unstable probably depends on libc6 2.3.1 which is having issues right now and could possibly break your system(then again it may work perfectly...). As for when a stable version will be available, it will as others have said never be in Woody, but Adrian Bunk backports packages including mozilla to Woody at <http://www.fs.tum.de/~bunk/packages/>. Though he only has 1.1 right now, it is possible that in the next couple weeks he will update to 1.2.1 though I am only guessing.

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