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Re: mozilla 1.2 and debian

Hi Andy.

On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 14:17, Andy wrote:
> Kind of a newbie question here.
> I really want to try Mozilla Calendar but I need Mozilla 1.2 first.
> My apt-get tells me that my Mozilla 1.0.0 is already the newest
> version.  4 questions please:

The version of Mozilla in stable and testing is 1.0.0, but in unstable
(sid) it's 1.2.1. You should get the package from there if you want to
try it out. See here (section 3.8) for details on how to get a package
from a different release (it's easy!):


> Should I just download and compile Mozilla 1.2 on my own?

It's easier just to get the latest version from unstable, as above.

> I would like to stick with the Debian way but I have no choice here 
> since I need 1.2  What are the implications of doing my own install?  
> If something is wrong with the newest mozilla how do I go back to the 
> original debian Mozilla 1.0.0 package?
> How long will it take for Mozilla 1.2 to become a stable
> debian package so one can use apt-get?

I'm fairly new to Debian, but my understanding is that the stable
release won't get a newer version of Mozilla, just like you won't see
GNOME2 or KDE3 in stable either. I think only security updates go into
stable after it has been released. But I could be wrong on that.

You could wait & wait, or you could just get the latest versions of what
you need from unstable. I haven't had any problems pulling the
occasional package out of unstable so far.


> Thanks,
> Andy

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