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Re: strange problem compiling source rpms

Faheem Mitha wrote:
> No. Am I supposed to create it? Isn't this something that should be
> done automatically, by a postinst script of whatever? If I am supposed
> to create it, I think it should be documented.

The directory is supposed to be included in the package but was left out
by mistake. I'm fixinig it now.

> > Does the user running rpm have
> > permission to create it?  (I suspect not to both)
> Um. Yes. It is root. (See the #?) Actually, even my user account
> (faheem) has permission to create directories in /usr/src. I've
> compiled kernels there as user. This is what is so puzzling about this
> error message.

rpm is trying to mkdir /usr/src/rpm/SOURCES, of course this fails if
/usr/src/rpm does not exist. It's dumb code and a bad error message.

see shy jo

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