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Re: IMAP recommendations

On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 09:47:12AM -0500, Tom Allison wrote:

| cyrus sounds interesting an probably worthwhile.
| I have one question though that is really bothering me and I'm 
| more than hesitant about making the switch.
| I currently have procmail delivering a majority of my email into 
| filtered mailboxes (eg: ~/debian) with only the non-filtered email 
| being delivered to the /var/spool/mail/tallison.
| Under cyrus, I am assuming that the ~/mail/... structure is going 
| to be the default as it is with squirrelmail today.  It would be 
| find with me, I can move things around easily enough in the 
| procmail files.
| There is a note in the cyrus' deb:
| "Note: Cyrus doesn't support reading from and storing mail in your 
| standard mail spool - it stores mail in a separate directory in 
| its own MH-like format."
| How does this impact things like /var/spool/mail/  and the 
| procmail mail filters?  Any ideas?

As that note says, cyrus does it's own thing.  It uses its own
database storage, unlike any other mail-related application.  You
would configure your MTA to deliver to 'cyrus-deliver' (or something
like that) to get the mail into the cyrus system.  No more procmail.
However, cyrus implemented the 'sieve' RFC (I forget the number) which
allows you to filter your mail.

| Under squirrelmail I immediately created (as a default?):
| ~/mail/
|        Drafts
|        Sent
|        Trash
| Which are unrelated to the IMAP directory structure I see in Mozilla.

Yes.  No.  Yes.  No.


IMAP can be a bit confusing.  You really have to read parts of the RFC
to start to get an understanding.  Basically the client can specify a
_path_ to a folder, then the server decides how to translate that
logical path to actual disk-based storage.  Each IMAP server does that
differently.  Courier always looks for stuff under ~/Maildir.  uw-imap
(as configured in debian) looks for INBOX at /var/mail/$USER and other
folders under ~/Mail.  Cyrus uses its own database.  The issue you're
seeing is twofold -- first, if the clients use different paths, then
they will be different folders.  (eg INBOX.Sent vs. Sent)  The second
issue is if you try multiple servers, each one will likely use a
different logical<->physical path mapping.

| I need to get these reconciled before I continue.  I don't want to 
| have all my email ending up in different places...  and lost...

Naturally :-).  It really helps to understand a bit about data
encodings and the IMAP protocol so you can track stuff down and then
manually move it later if it isn't how you want it.  Sometimes it is
also handy to use telnet to manually experiment with the IMAP server.


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