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Re: IMAP recommendations

nate wrote:
Tom Allison said:

I'm looking for suggestions on which of the .deb available IMAP
servers might do well for scalability and security.

I am planning on tying this in with a webmail interface, probably

I use cyrus, its quite scalable, very fast. Courier is good too I
hear(no personal experience). Cyrus has a serious security bug in
it at the moment, hasn't been fixed yet in debian.

cyrus sounds interesting an probably worthwhile.
I have one question though that is really bothering me and I'm more than hesitant about making the switch.

I currently have procmail delivering a majority of my email into filtered mailboxes (eg: ~/debian) with only the non-filtered email being delivered to the /var/spool/mail/tallison.

Under squirrelmail I immediately created (as a default?):

Which are unrelated to the IMAP directory structure I see in Mozilla.

I need to get these reconciled before I continue. I don't want to have all my email ending up in different places... and lost...

Under cyrus, I am assuming that the ~/mail/... structure is going to be the default as it is with squirrelmail today. It would be find with me, I can move things around easily enough in the procmail files.

There is a note in the cyrus' deb:
"Note: Cyrus doesn't support reading from and storing mail in your standard mail spool - it stores mail in a separate directory in its own MH-like format."

How does this impact things like /var/spool/mail/ and the procmail mail filters? Any ideas?

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