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RE: FYI: Linksys router vulnerability

Am Mit, 2002-12-11 um 08.27 schrieb Josh Rehman:
> It's interesting, the advisory claims that this can be exploited even
> when remote admin is disabled. I tried to break my own router with their
> advice, but it didn't work. (Maybe a kind soul has already cracked my
> router and updated my firmware for me? :-)
> Presumably you can reset the password with this:
> (replace the ip with the ip of your router's local interface) but this
> didn't do nuttin for me...

Stupid question: Does anyone know of a vulnerability of ASUS DSL
routers? I got one from my ISP and i would really love to have a look at
its configuration ;)

Note: Since i only rent the modem from my ISP, flashing the EEPROM is
not an option.

If anyone has an idea how to get or reset the password/login, please
drop me a note.

The model is called A*A*M*6*3*1*0 (without "*").


Matthias Hentges
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