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Re: slowwww IMAP

> > In any case, I'm trying to find a way to make my IMAP access faster.
> > I've considered converting to Maildir format but can't find an easy way
> > to convert my existing mailboxes.
> Debians' uw-imapd package already has the maildir patches the other
> respondent was talking about applied.  So an easy way to do this would be
> to:
> 1.  Create a new mailbox as a maildir.
> 2. Using your mail client, move all the messages from the old folder to
>    the new one.
> The IMAP server will take care of the format conversion for you.

Hrmf, this seems like it would work.  Unfortunately, when I try to drag
messages from an mbox folder to a maildir folder, only one of them is
moved (thank gnu for Undelete ;p).  I'm running the latest uw-imap
available for woody/stable..

FWIW, I also tried getting courier working (though it doesn't seem like
it would do this for me), but couldn't get it to authenticate me against
pam or shadow.. go figure..

Thanks for all past, present, and future help..


Justin Ryan <justin@gnubian.org>

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