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Re: secure network file access

Hi Matt,
You may want to look at putting some kind of
vpn service on your samba box. Windows has a vpn client to
connect up. pptp is the basic but I hear the ipsec is better security.
You'll have to compile new kernels and software.
if you hunt at google, there a some pages out there that will 
help you setup your debian box for being a vpn server.


Quoting matt <mattlist@fastmail.fm>:

> Hi all,
> I need some advice.
> I'd like to have the home directorys on my woody box available to
> machines on the local (NATed) network, and via the internet.
> samba is good for local access...but (i don't think) it can be pushed
> through a NAT-based router.  
> What is the best package to do such a thing as securely as possible.  the
> client software must be able to run on windows machines as well.
> thanks,
> -matt 
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> list (mail quota too low).
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