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Re: Debian Package for viewing/editing .ai files (Adobe Illustrator)

On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 19:54, Hugh Saunders wrote:
> Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 12:42:13AM +0000, Doug MacFarlane wrote:
> > 
> > Team:
> > 
> > I'm way out of my league here, so if anyone with some graphics skills would
> > like to help, I'd really appreciate it.
> > 
> > I use the gimp to do basic manipulations on jpeg and photoshop files to produce
> > basic graphics for a website.
> > 
> > I've been given copies of the most recent "original art" at a set of .ai
> > files (Adobe Illustrator).  My gimp didn't know how to read them natively.
> >  Is there a plug-in?  An alternative package?  Even if I just crop, scale,
> > and convert to .jpeg or .gif I'll be fine . . .
> > 
> > Secondly, I have a .jpeg of a logo that's on a white background.  I need
> > to make the background transparent.  Any idea how?
> hello, im not sure about the illustrator stuff [think there would be
> problems with compatability with gimp as illustrator is essentially a
> vector image generator and gimp a raster based image
> editor/gen/whatever.  guesscthere are various raster2vector and vice versa thingies]
> anyway... in gimp, to remove the white background, you want to make sure
> the image has an alpha layer [right click on image, layers->add alpha
> layer] then use the 'select contiguous regions' tool [looks like a magic
> wand in the tool box] to select the background. Once the background is
> selected simply do ctrl-k to clear [assuming you havent messed around
> with they kbd-shorts.

.ai files are a really really non-standard format for transferring
vector artwork.  Unless you're supposed to be manipulating the file's
layers, there's no reason your artist shouldn't be giving you EPS files,
which Illustrator can easily generate, and OpenOffice Draw and GIMP can
easily open.  (You might have to run them through eps2eps first,

Bear in mind that the JPEG format doesn't support transparency, so
you'll have to save that logo as a GIF or PNG.

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