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Imp3/Horde2 just dumps me back to the login screen

Okay... I *had* horde2/imp3 working about a few weeks ago.
Now, it doesn't work. This probably happened after one of my apt-get update/upgrade runs. Normally, when stuff breaks after an upgrade, I can fix it myself, but this has me stumped.
When I go to http://myservername/horde2, I get the login screen. I type in my username and password and hit enter and the browser waits for a few seconds and then, pow, I get the login screen again.
Now, the frustrating part here is that I'm getting no error messages... none on the page the browser presents, none in the Apache logs, none in syslog, daemon.log... nothing. It's almost as if imp3 thinks that it was *supposed* to work this way. The only evidence that I have that imp3/horde2 is doing *anything* at all is in the mail.info log, which shows an imap connection being established from "localhost" with the proper username/password.
The IMAP server, itself, seems to be working fine. I can get to all of my mail via Outlook Express or Mozilla Mail.
Mysql seems to be working properly, too. I can connect to the database and list tables, etc.
A complete purge/reinstall of php4, php4-imap, php4-ldap, php4-pear, horde2, imp3, and turba doesn't solve the problem.
Has anyone had this problem before?
Incidentally, the only reason I switched to horde2/imp3 from horde/imp2 is because the older horde/imp2 started doing this same kind of thing earlier. The only difference was that horde/imp2 kept reporting that the username/password was incorrect which, although untrue, was more error message than horde2/imp3 is giving me.
- Joe

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