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Debian Package for viewing/editing .ai files (Adobe Illustrator)


I'm way out of my league here, so if anyone with some graphics skills would
like to help, I'd really appreciate it.

I use the gimp to do basic manipulations on jpeg and photoshop files to produce
basic graphics for a website.

I've been given copies of the most recent "original art" at a set of .ai
files (Adobe Illustrator).  My gimp didn't know how to read them natively.
 Is there a plug-in?  An alternative package?  Even if I just crop, scale,
and convert to .jpeg or .gif I'll be fine . . .

Secondly, I have a .jpeg of a logo that's on a white background.  I need
to make the background transparent.  Any idea how?

I realize it's slightly OT, but I am going to Use Debian to do this, so I
figured I could slide it by the Debian-User group without my asbestos underwear
on . . . .




Doug MacFarlane

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