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Re: web site database backend?

Tim Verry wrote:
Knowing very little about Linux database options...

Is there a way to have a database that accepts data from html forms, but which requires no administration whatsoever on the web server side? IOW a database that the user could put in their own directory structure that they could use, without the equivalent of Window's Control Panel ODBC connections being setup in advance?

I've used the Perl DBD::CSV module for collecting web form data. If all you're doing is collecting a big heap of form submissions it works nicely. It provides a DBI interface for SQL queries. There're none of the niceties of a db server.. each table is just a flat file (CSV = Comma Seperated Values). They open nicely in spreadsheet apps. I'm pretty sure it takes care of file locking for you, but obviously there's no referential integrity checking or anything like that, if your data is nicely normalized it's probably not the best solution. It's not really up there on speed either, but I never had a problem with it doing what it was supposed to do.

The debian package is libdbd-csv-perl

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