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Re: setting up a cvs repository

    "Derrick" == Derrick Hudson <Derrick> writes:

    Derrick> The problem is that new files created with 'cvs add ; cvs
    Derrick> com' are not group writable.  They need to be group
    Derrick> writable so other developers in the group can modify them
    Derrick> later.  If I manually set the writable bit then
    Derrick> everything is fine.  (manually means logging on to the
    Derrick> server with the repository and running 'chmod' on the ,v
    Derrick> file) How can I make the file be group writable without
    Derrick> the need for manual intervention?

I tend to set the sticky bit on the top level directory in the
repository. This ensures that new files and directories are created
with the same group as the directory they are created in. Works for me
with people using both local, pserver with userids and pserver with a
fixed user identity (no dedicated account on server. 

If some one knows why this is a bad idea let me know!


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