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Re: web site database backend?

Tim Verry said:
> Knowing very little about Linux database options...
> Is there a way to have a database that accepts data from html forms, but
> which  requires no administration whatsoever on the web server side?  IOW
> a database  that the user could put in their own directory structure that
> they could use,  without the equivalent of Window's Control Panel ODBC
> connections being setup  in advance?

maybe Zope? it is an object oriented database as opposed to a relational
database. Really the only administration required is to create a user
account. quite easy to run, everything is web based. Of course to take
advantage of it you need to learn how it works. but database wise it's
the only thing I can think of that requires almost no "administration".
you have directories, files etc. its quite powerful. I use Zwiki with


oh, and its not just a database its also a web server which has built
in user account management, fine grain access controls, access via
ftp/http/webdav/etc, version management(undo changes to documents), and
much more. I only have a real basic understanding of it.

the one down side is it is slower then apache. At least with Zwiki,
it can take about 10 times more processing power to serve a page then
apache does. Maybe 100 times. So you'll need a more powerful server if
you have a busy site.


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