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Re: mail basics on a debian system

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 07:10:19PM +0100, Robert Land wrote:
> Kind thanks for the help.
> Sending mail to root imediatly showed up in my mailbox. Yet one thing
> puzzles me here:
> The mail to root was in the inbox I had defined in my ~/.forward file.
> Contrary to this I have a spool file in /var/spool/mail/rland which
> I think was created sending a mail to myself (after mutt had complained
> on the first startup finding no spool dir). I hardly remember this.

Yes, that's standard.

> There is a line in exim.conf relating to /var/spool/....
> and I'm a bit unsure after having a nicely working forward
> file to completly forget about the spool dir and change
> my mutt settings not to notice this directory.
> Any suggestions?

Without knowing the details of your setup, I don't know if you've
configured it so that nothing ever ends up in /var/spool/mail/rland. I
think the safest thing to do is to set MAILPATH to include both
/var/spool/mail and whatever directory your custom inbox is in, so you
don't miss anything.

> By the way, does Mutt 1.4 enable to jump up to previous messages
> (whilest in the pager). The version 1.0.1i only allows me to 'space'
> me downwards in a thread.

I've got mutt 0.95.3i and the default keybindings allow me to do this
with left-arrow and right-arrow for previous and next message


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