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Re: mail basics on a debian system

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 11:47:41AM -0500, Stephen Gran wrote:

> Your understanding is correct.  All system mail is sent through port 25,
> even stuff generated by the low level programs.  In fact, it's more
> likely to be the high level stuff (like mozilla mail) that can operate
> independently of the local mailserver.  If you want to generate mail to
> root for a test, just try `mail -s "Testing root mail" root@localhost`.
> Type a line or two, and exit with ^d (EOF).  You should get the mail
> delivered to rland's account.  I wouldn't try to generate a system
> failure just to test mail routing, but you can check out the logcheck
> package - it'll scan your logs and send anything of interest to root,
> and then on to rland.

Kind thanks for the help.
Sending mail to root imediatly showed up in my mailbox. Yet one thing
puzzles me here:

The mail to root was in the inbox I had defined in my ~/.forward file.
Contrary to this I have a spool file in /var/spool/mail/rland which
I think was created sending a mail to myself (after mutt had complained
on the first startup finding no spool dir). I hardly remember this.

There is a line in exim.conf relating to /var/spool/....
and I'm a bit unsure after having a nicely working forward
file to completly forget about the spool dir and change
my mutt settings not to notice this directory.

Any suggestions?

By the way, does Mutt 1.4 enable to jump up to previous messages
(whilest in the pager). The version 1.0.1i only allows me to 'space'
me downwards in a thread.


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