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Re: Promiscuous mode for ethernet device

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 01:47:41PM -0500, sean finney wrote......

> heya,
> iirc promiscuous mode means to listen to all traffic on the network
> as opposed to only traffic addressed to the mac address of your ethernet
> card.   this is real useful for passively sniffing packets on your
> network when you don't want to / can't run it on one of the machines
> in question.  
One question that I've been meaning to ask and this seems to be close to
being on-topic:  If you're running a sniffer in promiscuous mode on a 
network that is linked together via a switch (as opposed to a hub), will
you still be able to passively capture all packets from all boxes on the
net?  Or is that one of the purposes of the switch - to ensure privacy?
Is there any way around this?


Kevin Coyner
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