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Re: Promiscuous mode for ethernet device

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 09:27:11PM +0100, A. Loonstra wrote:
> I have been using tcpdump but that was only to debug software which 
> wasn't working properly. Still I think it's weird that it did happen 
> upon shutdown. I've been checking the scripts which are called during 
> shutdown but couldn't find anything which could have caused it.

iirc you mentioned something about a dhcp server... i'd look into if
that's doing something.  also, the next time you boot up your server
immediately do an ifconfig eth0 and look for PROMISC in the flags
(should be next to UP BROADCAST RUNNING et c.)  then try running
tcpdump and look again, and then look again when you're done.  check
your console to see if the message is already there about promisc,
and if it hasn't then shutdown and see if it comes up.  if you really
wanted to know, you could hack up your init.d system to find what's
causing the problem.  if you REALLY want to do that, open up


in your favorite editor of choice, and be VERY careful, as a typho could
result in a rather broken system.

> I just really need to know what the box is doing since I want it to be 
> secure... that's why I chose Linux in the first place :)

okay, well fwiw i don't think this is a concern security wise.  


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