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Re: Promise RAID install problems

On Saturday 07 December 2002 17:04, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> Meir Kriheli on 2002-11-14:
> > I've answered similar question some time ago. See this thread in the
> > archives:
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2002/debian-user-200208/msg00953.html
> Thank you! I finally had time to try the installation again
> (interference from real life)...
> Quoting the referenced mail:
> > Write down the numbers, reboot the install cd again and at the boot
> > prompt write:
> >
> > bf24 ide2=0x(a),0x(b+2) ide3=0x(c),0x(d+2)
> >
> > b+2 means the value of b incremented by 2, and same applies to d+2.
> >
> > Now the controller and raid should be detected.
> This seems to work. However, this identifies the two disks in the RAID
> systems as two different disks (hde and hdg), with identical contents;
> it does not identify them as one [mirrored] RAID disk. If I would
> continue to install on one of this disks, I assume that this would not
> mean that the contents will be mirrored, so I don't think this can be
> used.

The raid device is used via a different node, e.g:


> > I was very disappointed by it. While working I pulled the plug on one
> > of the hd's (RAID1 config) to simulate a dying HD, lot of timeout
> > message started appearing and the systems froze. Once restarted the
> > system didn't boot.
> As far as I can tell from the specs, this seems to be the documented
> behaviour, it will not run on only one disk, and once restarted a new
> disk must be inserted and the array be rebuilt before it is possible to
> continue...
> Maybe I should just give up, put the two disks on the standard IDE
> controllers and just run software RAID instead?

Yep, I guess that's an option :-)

Meir Kriheli
MKsoft systems

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