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Re: phpgroupware setup guide

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002 12:34:03 +0000
Chris Lale <ctlale@coolscience.co.uk> wrote:

> To get the login page, I had to copy the /usr/share/phpgroupware/
> directory to /var/www/ (http root for apache).
> For Setup/Config Admin Login I just get a blank white page whether I
> use a password or not.
> I can login as Header Admin (with or without password) but I get this
> message:
> No MySQL support found. Disabling
> No Postgres-DB support found. Disabling
> No Microsoft SQL Server support found. Disabling
> No Oracle-DB support found. Disabling
> did not found any valid DB support !
> try to configure your php to support one of the above mentioned dbs or
> install phpgroupware by hand
> Did you make any changes to /etc/php3/apache/php.ini ?

Immediately after install I was able to go to
http://hostname.domain.tld/phpgroupware/setup and get the login page w/o
a problem. If it's just complaining about the lack of database support,
I would agree with the other user that said you need to install the
mysql package for php. I think phpgroupware depends on php3 though,
instead of the 4 they suggested. Try php3-mysql, if you don't already
have it installed. If you have it installed already, try a
dpkg-reconfigure on several of your apache, phpgroupware, mysql

No, I've not touched /etc/php3/apache/php.ini, or seen anything about
needing to change it. Perhaps I should look at it?



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