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Re: Promise RAID install problems

Meir Kriheli on 2002-11-14:

> I've answered similar question some time ago. See this thread in the archives:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2002/debian-user-200208/msg00953.html

Thank you! I finally had time to try the installation again
(interference from real life)...

Quoting the referenced mail:

> Write down the numbers, reboot the install cd again and at the boot
> prompt write:

> bf24 ide2=0x(a),0x(b+2) ide3=0x(c),0x(d+2)

> b+2 means the value of b incremented by 2, and same applies to d+2.

> Now the controller and raid should be detected.

This seems to work. However, this identifies the two disks in the RAID
systems as two different disks (hde and hdg), with identical contents;
it does not identify them as one [mirrored] RAID disk. If I would
continue to install on one of this disks, I assume that this would not
mean that the contents will be mirrored, so I don't think this can be

> I was very disappointed by it. While working I pulled the plug on one
> of the hd's (RAID1 config) to simulate a dying HD, lot of timeout
> message started appearing and the systems froze. Once restarted the
> system didn't boot.

As far as I can tell from the specs, this seems to be the documented
behaviour, it will not run on only one disk, and once restarted a new
disk must be inserted and the array be rebuilt before it is possible to

Maybe I should just give up, put the two disks on the standard IDE
controllers and just run software RAID instead?

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