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Re: How insecure are cable connections, versus dialup?

On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 12:28:49PM -0600, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> There are viable reasons to use DROP vs DENY.  Likewise, there are good
> reasons not to respond to ping requests.

Actually, according to to the RFCs, ports must respond saying they're
closed or open, not just ignore it.  Hosts must be pingable.  That's TCP/IP.

> Agreed, I went through 3 cable-modems during the two years I had service
> recently.  In each case, the modem just stopped responding.  They
> plugged a new one in and everything worked fine.  Had I purchased my own
> modem I would have been SOL and needed to purchase a new one.  However,
> since I leased it from them (for a very small fee), they had to provide
> a replacement.

It got pretty routine with replacing cable modems after a while.  You
wouldn't need to even check the weather map to know there's a
lightning storm moving through Mossouri, all your calls would be dead
modems from Kansas City.  8:o)

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