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slowwww IMAP

Hiya Debian-users,

On my mail server running Debian Woody with UW-IMAP and Sendmail, I've
got ~200M of mail archived into several mbox folders in ~/Mail that I
check both with IMAP and with mutt.  As the folders have gotten larger,
access has slowed significantly.  I beleive part of this was due to the
data becoming fragmented on disk, and so I stopped all mail services,
created a tar of ~/Mail, moved ~/Mail to ~/Mail.old, and untarred the
files back into ~/Mail.  This caused a significant increase.........for
a short while.

In any case, I'm trying to find a way to make my IMAP access faster. 
I've considered converting to Maildir format but can't find an easy way
to convert my existing mailboxes.  I've also evaluated moving from
UW-IMAP to Courier, which would probably help as well.

What I'm asking is, essentially, if there is any good documentation on
moving from a very basic setup (unix mbox, sendmail going to unix
accounts, etc..) to what seems to be a more complex setup.  As I
understand it, courier likes to use its' own account database, and it
would not be simple for procmail to filter into Maildirs.

If there are ways that I can improve performance _without_ mucking my
config around, it would be preferred, though I am pretty much convinced
at this point that I need to tear it up and start from scratch :)

Any help would be much appreciated :)


Justin Ryan <justin@gnubian.org>

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