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Problem with packages installed from local repository


I've grabbed all of the KDE3 packages for Woody from download.kde.org and 
have placed them in a repository on a box my local network. I've organized 
them such that I can install them via dselect/apt using the following 
sources line:

deb http://mirror.infonet.prv/debian woody kde3

Everything works great, it install fine and runs fine, but anytime I go to 
install any other package dselect/apt thinks it has to upgrade all the 
installed packages from the local kde3 repository (even though nothing has 
changed). In the dselect 2. [S]elect menu, they don't show as 'updated 
installed packages' or anything, so I can't quickly find them all to mark 
them for 'hold'.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing dselect/apt to believe the 
packages need to be upgraded each time?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Christopher S. Hyne
BluePhyre Technologies

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