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Re: Why make-kpkg? What and Where is apt-src?

Thomas H. George,,, wrote:
> and then copying the new bzImage to /boot, running lilo and rebooting. 
> One set of instructions seems to indicate I can still use this approach 
> using apt-src after I have downloaded pcmcia-cs.tar.gz to /usr/src and 
> unpacked it.  However, apt-src is unknown on my system and apt-cache 
> search apt-src can't find it.

You're using testing and apt-src is only available in unstable at the

The easiest approach for you may be to install the pcmcia-source
package, untar it to /usr/src, then use apt-get source linux-wlan-ng
inside the /usr/src/modules directory to get the wlan-ng source tree,
then build your kernel as usual, and then build the pcmcia stuff (you
shouldn't need to install it, just build the tree with the instructions
in there by hand), then configure the linux-wlan-ng tree (you can tell
it to build only the modules, as the programs are prebuilt for you in
the linux-wlan-ng binary package), build the tree, and install it.

Alternatively, install apt-src from unstable and follow the instructions
for using it and make-kpkg.

> The other approach uses make-kpkg to make 
> a .deb package of my kernel which dpkg will install.  I can see this 
> would be neat if I wanted to package my kernel to give to someone else 
> but what advantage does it offer me?

The advantages of make-kpkg are detailed in

> The cross-references - Debian PCMCIA Card Services README file, the 
> linux-wlan-ng READMe, the linux-wlan-ng README.Debian file, the README 
> file for dynamically loadable modules, and the make-kpkg README file 
> left me confused.  Indeed, I am not sure why I need pcmcia-cs at all 
> when all I have is a usb transmitter/receiver.  Yet one of the 
> instructions insists this is needed even it you have built a kernel with 
> pcmcia support.

Only because I decided to make the modules package include all the
drivers linux-wlan-ng supported, including pcmcia, so it needs it to
buuld. If you're building by hand, you can probably hack around that and
build only usb and avoid the need for a pcmcia tree.

> I would welcome any comments which straighten out my muddled thinking on 
> these points or even a blunt forget it, do this and your wireless lan 
> will work.

Well, install any of debian's stock kernels, and the matching
linux-wlan-ng-<version>-<flavor> binary package (ie,
kernel-image-2.4.19-686 and linux-wlan-ng-modules-2.4.19-686), and it
will Just Work. Not much help if you want to build your own kernel of

see shy jo

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