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Re: cupsys setting for an 882C?

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 09:08:16AM -0600, Donald R. Spoon wrote:
| Robert L. Harris wrote:
| >
| >I found the HP driver I needed on the linuxprinting.org.  The only
| >problem now is the sucker is stair stepping and I can't find a way to
| >turn it off.
| Dunno.... my printer worked fine "as-is".  You might want to dive into 
| your printer's docs and see if there is a switch for setting the 
| carrage-return/line-feed sequence (M$DOS) to line-feed only (Unix). 

It's the other way around.  The hardware needs typewriter-style LF
_and_ CR "commands".  The "stair" effect is acheived by sending LF (to
advance to the next line) without returning the carriage to the left
margin.  As you all know, UNIX text files have only LF characters to
mark the end of a line.  The unix philosophy is to let the device
drivers handle hardware-specific conversions.  In this case you need
the print spooler to add CRs to every LF.  I don't know how you would
actually set that -- with cups it has "just worked" for every printer
I've tried (and I know that at least some of them need that


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