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Re: cupsys setting for an 882C?

on Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 09:59:44AM -0500, Robert L. Harris (Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net) wrote:
> I've got cupsys installed on my unstable system.  It configures up
> beautifully except I get 1 line of whatever.  If I print /etc/printcap
> with lpr I get what almost looks like stair stepping but it's only 1
> line.

Check for a "cr after lf" setting.

> Does anyone have an 882C configured and working?  Can you tell me what
> printer combination you have setup?  "HP Deskjet 882C, foomatic + hpjd"
> or whatever is working?  I'd love the 300dpi color but I'll be happy with
> 300 grayscale, I'd be exstaic with 600dpi color printing.

What cups databases do you have installed?  There are several, and it's
not immediately obvious that some of them are useful.  Among them:


...and posibly others.  Make sure you've got 'em installed.  Then hunt
down your printer.


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