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Why make-kpkg? What and Where is apt-src?

I am struggling to get my wireless lan up and running using Actiontec USB transmitters. To this end I changed all my sources from stable to testing and ran apt-get -f install linux-wlan-ng. Now I am awash with instructions for setting up modules, for installing pcmcia-cs and rebuilding my kernel with conflicting alternate methods.

I was always perfectly happy creating a custom kernel with

   make menuconfig
   make dep
   make bzImage
   make modules
   make modules_install

and then copying the new bzImage to /boot, running lilo and rebooting. One set of instructions seems to indicate I can still use this approach using apt-src after I have downloaded pcmcia-cs.tar.gz to /usr/src and unpacked it. However, apt-src is unknown on my system and apt-cache search apt-src can't find it. The other approach uses make-kpkg to make a .deb package of my kernel which dpkg will install. I can see this would be neat if I wanted to package my kernel to give to someone else but what advantage does it offer me?

At present I keep three kernel images - a good working version of 2.4.18, a test version and 2.2.19-compact which works with an early version of mondo (the stable version of mondo and mindi does not create a bootable cd on my system. mondo-archive --isodir /bkups/iso_dir does when the system has been booted with 2.2.19-compact.) Detailed notes in bootmess.txt tell my grandchildren how to boot the system.

Bottom Line: I like my approach but will switch if make-kpkg offers clear advantages. If apt-src is available and works with my approach this would be OK. The cross-references - Debian PCMCIA Card Services README file, the linux-wlan-ng READMe, the linux-wlan-ng README.Debian file, the README file for dynamically loadable modules, and the make-kpkg README file left me confused. Indeed, I am not sure why I need pcmcia-cs at all when all I have is a usb transmitter/receiver. Yet one of the instructions insists this is needed even it you have built a kernel with pcmcia support.

I would welcome any comments which straighten out my muddled thinking on these points or even a blunt forget it, do this and your wireless lan will work.

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