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Re: Why make-kpkg? What and Where is apt-src?


* Thomas H. George,,, <georgeacct@spininternet.com> [021206 11:45]:

> and then copying the new bzImage to /boot, running lilo and rebooting. 
> One set of instructions seems to indicate I can still use this approach 
> using apt-src after I have downloaded pcmcia-cs.tar.gz to /usr/src and 
> unpacked it.  However, apt-src is unknown on my system and apt-cache 
> search apt-src can't find it.  The other approach uses make-kpkg to make 
> a .deb package of my kernel which dpkg will install.  I can see this 
> would be neat if I wanted to package my kernel to give to someone else 
> but what advantage does it offer me?

make-kpkg is kin of idiot proof. I make sure you don't forget to do
stuff. Also having a .deb of your kernel and using dpkg to install it
also makes sure you don't forget to do things like run lilo. 

Regarding apt-src... what is in your sources.list? Did you run
"apt-get update"? ... apt-src _is_ the name of the package so you
should be able to just do "apt-get install apt-src".




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