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Re: cluster: rsh vs. ssh

* sean finney (seanius@seanius.net) [021205 11:06]:
> wow, i didn't know they had that option!  i remember discussing this
> with some folks on the netbsd mailing list a while back, and the general
> consensus was that "it would be really cool if ssh had that option".  how
> long has this been available?

As far as I know, openssh has had -cnone forever, but the Debian package
(and probably most distros' packages) has it disabled.

Ah, I just looked at cipher.c and realized that "none" is only valid for
ssh protocol version 1.  Of course, if you're not using encryption, the
argument that "version 2's encryption is slightly better" is
meaningless, so you could just go ahead and use protocol version 1.  I
think that the nomenclature is a little different, but that host-based
authentication will still work.  (I think it was called
RhostsRSAAuthentication instead of host-based.)

good times,
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