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Re: cluster: rsh vs. ssh

how well do you trust your users?  is your cluster's network physically
secured--that is, do users not have access to the machines and their
network cables?  for example, if i had access, i could unplug one of the
nodes and plug in my laptop with a pre-configured ip/mac addr, and
then i could go anywhere that the old machine could go via rhosts.

of course if the entire cluster is locked in another room and on
a completely private net, you might not be gaining that much security,
and i'll bet performance is a bit faster without all that encryption.


On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 01:02:59PM +0100, Hannes Loeffler wrote:
> Hi,
> our cluster configuration has a master node with two NICs: one connected to the
> outside world, one for a private network.  The software we use is parallelized
> via MIPCH, hence either rsh or ssh will be used to make connections.  Every user
> on the cluster needs to access all the machines without password (.rhosts or
> passphrase free private key).  I wonder if there is any reason why ssh should be
> used within a private network as I cannot see any security implications in such
> a setup.
> Any comments welcome,
> Hannes.
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