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Re: In a bind about named and network printing.

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On Tuesday 03 December 2002 1:58 pm, Paul Lewis wrote:
> I have been playing with my local networks 'named' and finally got it
> working more or less the way I think it should. Evidence for this is
> that I can ping <local machine name> and it returns the fully qualified
> machine name plus the ping responces. This works on all machines except
> the server 'named' is actually running on. Where the ping goes off
> along the cable modem never to resolve (my network is strictly a local
> affair). So far so good.

Doesn't sound good to me, I would have expected a ping of yourself to work.

I am not sure of your topology, but for me I have a linux box (my dns server) 
also acting as a gateway between the local area network and the cable modem.  
This box has TWO ip addresses, one for each interface.  Your names must 
resolve to one or other of these two ip addresses, but not both.  

My dns server is in charge of the *.home domain, so I have names like 
roo.home, kanger.home and pooh.home (AA Milne eat your heart out) as internal 
names. roo.home is this gatway.  The dns server (bind) returns the ip address 
for roo.home from the interface on the internal network.  In my case thats

But the server box can also be reached from the outside, and although its a 
dhcp allocated address and supposidely variable, it has not changed for for a 
year, so I have allocated the name home.chandlerfamily.org.uk on an outside 
dns service (this outside dns service is in charge of the 
chandlerfamily.org.uk domain).  When I ping using this name from within my 
network, the local dns server is asked for the name and initially goes to the 
outside dns service for the ip address, although bind then caches this 
locally for a short while.  Following requests do not need to go out to the 

I can ping either of the names of the box from within my local area network or 
from a shell account on the the box itself and both names, in both 
circumstances the box responds with the appropriate ip address that matches 
the name it was ping'ed with.

Solve this, and your other problem is probably solved.  If you want help here, 
more detail of ip addresses and names (change the names to equivalents if you 
want to maintain confidentiality) is needed, along with your various 
configuration files.

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Alan Chandler
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